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RIP Shoes

RIP Shoes

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Shoes come into our lives, and shoes depart. Some are more memorable than others. Some are worn a few times, then are buried in a closet. Some are bought with great aspirations – you imagine the sort of events to which you'd wear this shoe, but they sit unboxed in a corner waiting in vain for their moment to shine. And SOME shoes – some shoes just get you. You get each other. The fit just right. They look just right. They work in every season. They're easy enough to get on and off. They have never dreamt of giving you even a whisper of a blister.

This is the shoe I'd like to draw for you. Which shoes did you wear until the sole wore out? Until your feet grew too big and you had to face the ugly truth? I'm going to draw a lovely tribute to that shoe, because its service should not go unacknowledged. Shoes are family.

Make sure your email address is included when you checkout, so I can reach out and get a photo of your dearly departed stompers.


Hand drawn on bristol paper


No returns! Bit of a gamble, yeah.



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