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Ingredients In A Beloved Tasty Dish

Ingredients In A Beloved Tasty Dish

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If you're anything like me, you've got at least one meal in your back pocket that you find comfort in knowing that under no circumstance will you ever tire of it. The people around you might! Sure! But who cares about them. This is about you

What's the tasty dish whose recipe you know by heart? The dish that scratches an itch, if you will. When you've got a night alone, no obligations, this is the dish you invite to the party. Could be fancy. Could be kraft mac. Could be anything, lord knows I'm not here to judge. I'm just here to draw each ingredient and take your money.

Leave a shopping list in the notes section of your cart, and I'll draw each item in a visually appealing sorta way.


Hand drawn on bristol paper


No returns! Bit of a gamble, yeah.



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