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Imprinted Playlist

Imprinted Playlist

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You guys know what I mean when I say "imprinted" here, right? Like when a baby duck imprints on the first living thing she sees after hatching, and then follows that thing around regardless of whether or not it is her mother? Similarly, this is when something of note is happening in your life, and while that notable thing is happening, a song or an album or a playlist is playing somewhere within earshot, so that now whenever you think about that notable time, the music follows dutifully alongside the memory, like a dumb little baby duck.

Like when you ran the wheels off of that Death Cab album while you were desperately lonely in your Swedish study abroad program. Or when your mom dragged you to costco every sunday throughout middle school because you couldn't be trusted home alone for even an hour and the WEBE108 easy-listening radio station played the same 20 songs in the car. Or when you got stuck in an elevator for three hours with no service so you had to play whatever music you had downloaded to your phone which ended up being Creed's sophomore album "Human Clay." The possibilities are endless!

In the notes section of your cart, write the "title" of your notable event/era, and then list no more than five songs and their artists. I'll make you somethin'!


Hand drawn on bristol paper


No returns! Bit of a gamble, yeah.



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