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I Lived Here For A Time

I Lived Here For A Time

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I think homes are great. Homes can be a bunch of different things. Where do you lay your gorgeous little head at night? Is it on a friend's couch because you took a leap of faith and started over in a new city? Is it in a sun-drenched apartment that you pay almost nothing for because you help your landlord carry her groceries inside and then ask her how her day is going? Is it a truck?

Chances are you'll have your mail sent to more than one place in your lifetime. You may lay down roots or you may be nomadic. Either way, my bet is that you've moved out of some dwellings reluctantly, and you've moved out of some dwellings with GREAT haste shouting GOOD riddance. My other bet is that you'd appreciate one of those dwellings immortalized in ink. Whether it's an apartment you lived in for three months before you ran out of money and moved back in with your parents, or it's the house you raised your kids in. I want to draw it! For you!

I'll need a photo of your dwelling, so make sure you include your email address in your order. I'll reach out!


Hand drawn on bristol paper


No returns! Bit of a gamble, yeah.



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