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A Text Exchange

A Text Exchange

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Think of this as a fancier, more expensive screenshot. That's probably the healthy way of looking at this one.

We've all got little text exchanges that we cherish, for a bunch of different reasons. They're funny, they're poignant, they're heartwarming, they're sad. Send me a short exchange, and I'll illustrate it. Here are some prompts to get the ball rolling:

  • The first text exchange between you and your partner, awwww
  • The last text between you and a true asshole that ghosted you!!! Reclaim that narrative, brudd!!!
  • Something a loved one texts you every day that you've come to rely on
  • A snippet in which a dear friend LIES to your FACE (I am begging one of you to make me do a petty snippet)
  • A weird thing an Door Dash delivery guy texted you once
  • The funniest thing your mom has ever said
  • You, texting yourself tragic little daily affirmations

Write your text exchange in the notes section of your shopping cart, and be super clear about which person sent which texts. Be like:

  • Them: I never want to see you again
  • Them: No offense
  • Me: Thank you for this feedback

Go nuts! No wrong answers! Except like, bigotry! No bigotry, please!


Hand drawn on bristol paper


No returns! Bit of a gamble, yeah.



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